Saturday, 1 September 2012



heyloo peeps, readers & followers
now we move on September already
my 1st n3 for September & its gonna be the only one
this month i'm gonna sit for TRIAL SEM 1..
susah der...
ye ke susah???
x tau la coz x jawab lagi
so this month is study month not study week!!
cannot enjoy too much
x der masa nak gelak2 bagai nak rak dah
maybe tuition pun akan start dah
i had million butterflies in my stomach
wish me best of luck..
and September please be nice to  me 
to all the people out there who gonna sit for the exam too
i wish u best of luck
never let your parents down
and the most important is


ialah kunci kejayaan


docHana said...

goodLuck =) usaha sampai saat yang terakhir taw

Edy Fee said...

wahhhh nak exam dah..all the best strive

✿Lady Ainaa✿ said...

huishhh, ena pula yang rasa takut.. All the best tau dear!!! study elok2... ZSemoga Allah permudahkan urusan sis.. Amin

AIRA said...

Thanks smua..amin moga Allah permudahkan sgala urusan :D